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The Liberty County Community Housing Development Organization (LCCHDO) is a nonprofit, community-based, service organization staffed with the capacity to develop affordable housing for the Liberty County community. The LCCHDO was founded in 2018 to serve Liberty County, GA and the surrounding areas.

Mission: To provide diverse housing opportunities in Liberty County Georgia through the development of economically sustainable communities and self-sufficient citizens.

Vision: Making Liberty County Georgia better through daily development of communities and citizens


  • People-Centered: We build up families so that they can grow towards their personal versions of better living to gain stability and self-sufficiency.

  • Action-Oriented: We have the flexibility to provide diverse options and a broad range of solutions for everyone looking for a home in Liberty County and the region.

  • Transparent: We are committed to educating, informing, and sharing information with all stakeholders who are interested in our work at Liberty County CHDO.

  • Caring: We treat everyone in a fair and equitable manner so that their concerns can be heard and their needs are met.

  • Dependable: We will be there from beginning to end to help people gain access to viable housing options no matter their income or location in the county.

  • Progressive: We are approaching housing in a way that serves our community and ensures that individuals and families have access to housing.

  • Approachable: We serve all segments of the region to include but not limited to the workforce, military, veteran, senior, low-to-moderate income groups.

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